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Halfords Headlamp Converters are suitable for ALL vehicles. Each pack contains a detailed fitting guide for over 800 vehicles. This covers all the latest ‘Clear Lens’ and Xenon / HID headlamps, as well as the more traditional ‘Glass Line Patterned’ headlamps.

The fitting guide features a flow chart – as below. By following this chart and selecting your vehicle from the accompanying ‘car list’ – download latest version on right – you will be able to identify the correct fitting position diagram for your vehicle.

You then simply apply the converters using the described fitting technique. In the unlikely even that your car is not listed in the fitting guide, you can apply the converters using the ‘Universal’ instructions detailed below.

Fitting Eurolites flowchart

Universal Fitting Information

Firstly, you will need to gain access to a ‘Headlamp Alignment’ machine. These can be found at most Vehicle Dealers or Servicing garages and at ALL MOT testing garages. Position your vehicle in front of the alignment machine with the Headlamps switched onto ‘Dipped Beam’ (i.e. No blue ‘Full Beam’ light illuminated on you dashboard).

The headlamps will throw a light pattern in the machine similar to the one shown in the diagram below (Areas ‘A’ + ‘B’).

Fitting Eurolites Diagram

Passenger's Side:
Driver's Side:

It is the ‘raised’ area marked ‘A’ on the diagram which is used to illuminate road signs etc, when driving on the left in the UK. However, this area will shine into oncoming driver’s eyes when driving on the right in Europe, and therefore needs to be adapted to prevent dazzle. This can be achieved as follows:

Without removing the backing paper, take hold of the ‘tail’ end of a converter and offer the ‘round’ end up to the Headlamp in various positions (see folded leaflet for typical positions – Diagrams 1 - 8 are the most commonly used). The aim is to achieve a reasonable dimming of the ‘dazzle causing Area’ –A, without compromising the overall brightness of the headlamp’s beam ‘hotspot’ (Area ‘B’). By a process of experimentation it will be possible to find the optimum position for the converter.

NOTE: Ideally, the engine should be left running during this process to ensure maximum beam clarity.

Once the fitting position has been identified, the converters should be applied using the ‘fitting Instructions’ section of your guide.

NOTE: Generally, the converter will fit in the same position (NOT the opposite position) on each of the two Headlamps. For example, if the converter fits in the bottom left corner of the Driver’s side Headlamp, it will also fit in the bottom left corner of the Passenger’s side headlamp.

We trust the above information will allow you to successfully apply your Halfords Headlamp Converters, but please contact us at or tel: 01462 499 646 if you have any further questions.

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