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Q1: Why do I need to adapt my Headlights when driving in Europe?

A: Adapting headlights is a legal requirement, as ALL Vehicle headlights will cause dazzle when driven on the on the opposite side of the road to that which they where designed for. All European countries subscribe to a law that states: ‘Your vehicle’s headlights MUST be adjusted so as not to cause dazzle to other road users’. Failure to comply means you are liable to be fined if you are stopped and you also risk ‘invalidating’ your insurance - as your car is deemed ‘unroadworthy’ in the eyes of the law.

Q2: Will Halfords Headlamp Converters fit my car?

A: Yes, Halfords Headlamp Converters are the ONLY adaptors that feature a comprehensive fitting instruction sheet - listing over 600 individual vehicles - that ensures your headlights will be properly and safely converted for driving on the opposite side of the road. Our instructions cover the latest 'clear glass’, 'projector lens’, and ‘xenon’ / ‘HID’ headlights.

Q3: Are the headlamp converters suitable for use on the latest headlamps, which ‘swivel’ to the left and right as you turn the steering wheel?

A: Yes, our headlamp converters should be fitted with the steering wheel set in the ‘straight ahead’ position. As the headlights swivel, the ‘dazzle’ part of the beam will still be adapted.

Q4: Can I simply adapt my headlamps by altering the ‘headlight level adjuster’ on my dashboard’

A: No, this will not alter the ‘shape’ of the beam pattern to get rid of the dazzle causing area. In order to get rid of the dazzle, the headlamp would have to be set so low that your forward vision would be severely compromised and your headlight beam pattern would be deemed to be too ‘short’ and therefore would be ‘illegal’.

Q5: Are the headlamp converters reusable?

A: No. The adhesive on the converters has to work in a huge range of temperatures and conditions, and as such is not reusable when the converters are peeled from the headlight.

Q6: Are the headlamp converters suitable for the newer ‘Xenon’ / ‘High Intensity Discharge’ (HID) headlamps?

A: Yes, our headlamp converters are tested on, and have been used with, these headlamps for over 10 years. Our products have been ‘tried, tested and proven’ on these lights, and they are included in the fitting instructions.

Q7: How often do the converters fitting instructions get updated for new vehicles?

A: The headlamp converter fitting list is updated several times each year to ensure the converters cover all the latest vehicles. The main update is carried out in the spring in order to ensure that all vehicles are covered ready for the peak summer period. Subsequent to that we carry out updates on specific vehicles and new vehicle launches as well as customer queries throughout the year. To assist customers further, all vehicle updates are now instantly added to this website, click here to download.

Q8: Can I use Halfords Headlamp Converters with my headlight washers?

A: As long as the headlights are fully clean and the washers are not used until the adhesive has fully cured - typically 2 hours – then the adaptors should stay in place.

Q9: Do I place my converters on the opposite positions for the two headlights?

A: No, generally the Halfords Headlamp Converters are placed in exactly the same position, relative to the bulb, on both the passenger’s and driver’s side of the vehicle. This is because your headlights shine in the same direction as a parallel ‘pair’, NOT as 2 ‘opposites’.

Q10: What do I do if I can’t find my car on the Instruction Sheet List?

A: Click here for lastest fitting information OR please phone us direct on 01462 499 646 where we will be only too pleased to help you.

Q11: The drawing doesn’t look like my headlight.

A: As a large number of the drawings are relevant to more than one vehicle, we have simplified them so they show ONLY the dipped headlight bulb and the adaptor. To check which bulb you should be referring too inside your headlamp unit (it is most commonly the outer one) please switch on your ignition and turn your headlights onto dipped beam (i.e. NO blue full beam light illuminated on your dashboard). Then fit the converter in relation to the illuminated ‘dipped beam’ bulb.

Q12: I am confused by the Yellow and Black images in my diagram.

A: On the latest instructions the yellow circle represents the dipped headlight bulb OR the silver ‘cap’ that covers the dipped bulb. The converter (which sits on the outer clear front glass) is then shown as a black outline or profile. All the diagrams are drawn as though you are kneeling in front of the car and looking at the headlight with your eye at the same level as the light source. Generally Halfords Headlamp Converters are placed in exactly the same position, relative to the bulb, on both the passenger’s and driver’s side of the vehicle.

Q13: How do I know if I have got Projector, Standard bulb or Xenon / HID lights?

A1: A ‘Projector’ style headlight is very different from a ‘Standard’ style headlight. The projector is a 50 – 75mm diameter (2-3 inch) ‘spotlight’ that is mounted at the back of the headlight unit behind the clear ‘front glass’.

A2: A ‘Standard’ style headlight features a bulb that is set into the centre of the reflector at the back of the headlight. The end of the bulb is often coloured black or hidden behind a silver ‘cap’.

A3: ‘Xenon / HID’ headlights are an expensive ‘optional extra’ that throw an intense white light rather than the usual off-white beam colour of a standard halogen headlight. They come in both ‘Projector’ and ‘Standard’ styles and our adaptors work on these headlights as well. These headlights will use the same fitting diagram number for your vehicle as the normal ‘Halogen’ bulb units.

Q14: As I am trying to stop my headlight beam from shining ‘up’ into other driver’s eyes, why does the converter fit at the bottom of the headlight rather than the top?

A: Most beam patterns are generated by the ‘reflective lens’ at the back of the headlight unit. As this is a shaped mirror it produces a ‘back to front’ image. Therefore, to stop the light going ‘up and left’, into other road user’s eyes, the adaptor is fitted ‘down and right’! This is because of the mirror image effect. All fitting positions have been developed by testing each and every car listed on a headlamp alignment machine, so please be assured they are correct.

Q15: Which light source do I adapt?

A: ONLY the Dipped beam light, as you would not travel towards oncoming vehicles with your Main beam lights on. To check which bulb you should be referring to inside your headlamp unit (it is most commonly the outer one) please switch on your ignition and turn your headlights onto dipped beam (i.e. NO blue full beam light illuminated on your dashboard).

Q16: I have removed the converters from my lights but have glue residue left on the headlamp. How can I remove this?

A: Click here for removal information.

Q17: I am only travelling during the day so why do I need to put converter on my lights?

A: Throughout Europe you are required to switch your lights on when travelling though tunnels, and during rain, fog, etc. The law states your vehicle must be legal at ALL times – not just those that suit the driver.

Q18: I have Stonechip guards on my lights; do I fit the converters on the guards or the headlight glass behind them?

A: The converters MUST be fitted on the ‘front’ of the Stonechip guards. The guards prevent cooling airflow reaching the headlights, so placing the converters on the glass behind them may cause the headlight to ‘overheat’ and result in damage.

Q19: Why do I not just use black tape to mask the lights?

A: The adaptors have been specifically designed to optimise the adaptation of the beam, without compromising the overall light intensity. The correct fitting position refers ONLY to the special reflective / diffusing material that the adaptors are made from. Light adaptation is a ‘safety critical’ area of vehicle law and Black tape cannot achieve the correct adaptation without compromising the remainder of the beam pattern intensity. Furthermore, as the tape is black it does not reflect any of the light but (Like a black shirt on a hot day), it absorbs the light and turns it into heat instead! This reduces the light intensity, may cause damaging ‘hotspots’ on the headlight glass, and is deemed ‘illegal’ by the French police.

Best on Test

Halfords Headlamp Converters

Independent tests have shown that Eurolites out-perform other headlamp adaptorsDerby based 'Scientifics', an acclaimed independent test body, carried out a series of tests on 'Headlamp Beam Adaptors' across 7 performance criteria. Their report concluded that:

  • The Halfords product was found to have significant performance advantages in all 7 of the test areas.
  • It performed its primary task better, namely the optimum conversion of the headlamp beam pattern – which has significant road safety benefits. It was easier to use, likely to be more reliable, (although no endurance tests were specifically carried out), and could be applied to all vehicles.

  • Warning - Black Masking Tape

    Advances in headlamp technology over the past few years, and the advent of Projector, Ellipsoidal and Clear Lens headlamps, has resulted in making the adaption of headlamps to eliminate dazzle a complex matter.

    The use therefore of Black Masking Tape is a dangerous 'hit and miss' affair, and in any event it is unlikely that the vehicle would be deemed to be road worthy.

    Black masking tape absorbs some of the headlamp light beam, and converts it into heat energy, which will not only cause a dangerous reduction in night vision but also generate a 'hot spot' on the lens. This in turn can cause cracking in glass lenses or a browning burnt effect on a plastic lens.